Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kids: Summer is Coming

IDK, am I hot or am I cold:
It's seriously summer...
The kids are just about done with school, 
the heat index is high and 
the smell of Hawaiian Sunscreen is in the air.

Here are a few pictures of the kids kicking off the summer right:

Eryn and Andrew:

Josh went to prom:

MeKenzie started working:

 Alivia discovered the joys of the library:

Other random pictures:
Silly Kenzie:

Silly Josh:

Silly Livi:

A twirling skirt from Grandma:

Whoops! That twirl got away from her:
Bubbles with friends:
Ahhh, the first summer sunburn: 
I predict a lot of car washing:

Lots of swimming: 
And a few sleepovers:

We are ready:


  1. Youre welcome for the awesome Hawaiian sunscreen smell!!! (BEST SMELL EVER!!!!!! :])

  2. Only one picture of Andrew and I. :(