Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Josh: Happy Stump Day

Tony will be so happy when he comes home from work.
He told Josh that he would pay him $100 to rid our backyard of
The Stump:

No, not the striped mini person.
The Stump...
on the left:

I'm not really sure if Tony actually thought Josh would do it, 
but I'm pretty sure he thought it would take him all summer to accomplish the job:
Josh has been chipping away at The Stump for a few days. 
Yesterday I noticed Josh look down at his hands, 
kind of give a shrug and call it a day:

The blisters must have given him a plan because today, 
the day after Josh finished school, 
the day that his official summer began, 
he left at 10 this morning to pick up a friend:

Those boys hacked away at The Stump for about an hour and BAM! They were done!
They got The Stump out!
 Who does that their first day of summer?
Boys who are motivated by cash, that's who!

Well done, boys.
I guess Josh thought that paying his friend half 
was still a pretty good deal.

Seaton and Josh celebrating with pizza:
I have no idea what Tony will do with the great big hole,
but I do know that he's $100 poorer:

Happy Stump Day: