Thursday, April 4, 2013

Find a Penny...

It's been a long time, and so much has happened. I know a lot of you would like to know how Tony is doing and how we are all adjusting to our move across the country (again), but since I'm just getting back into the blogging world I'll leave the heavy stuff for later. I wanted to share a fun experience I had with MeKenzie today. 

 We've all heard the rhyme:
"Find a penny,
pick it up,
All the day, 
You'll have good luck."

What I didn't know was that if you find a penny heads up it means good luck, if you find a penny heads down it means bad luck, and if you find a penny heads down you turn it over for the next person to have good luck!

I learned this from MeKenzie today while she was walking and I was jogging beside her (that's another blog for the future). As we would come across pennies I noticed her picking some up and leaving others behind. I asked her why and she told me the Lucky Penny Tale.

It was a fun moment with my almost grown-up girl, and I thought how sweet it was to put the penny right side up for the next person to get all the luck.

So, start looking for pennies!
Take some luck and make luck for someone else.