Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alivia: Snippets of Conversations:

A: What do I get to do today?
M: Dance class.
A: Hooray! I will practice my pizza feet.

Not her pizza feet.

A, whispering: What do reindeer eat?
M: Grass
A, loudly: I bet that all the reindeer in the world are eating their favorite food right now...

A: I'm sorry I broke your IPod, Josh. I forgive you and I love you.
J: How will you fix it?
A, sad face: I don't know.
J: Maybe you could give me a kiss.
A, happy face: OK!

A: Mom, what's that fancy word?
M: Walgreen's
A: Walgreen's. That is fancy!

A, singing: I love you like a love song, ba-by. I - I love you like a love song, ba-by.

A: a-a-a...Alivia starts with A!
A: Alivia-a-a-a. Alivia ends with A!

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