Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trina: It's Almost February

So, I haven't posted since Thanksgiving:

I feel like such a blog slacker:
But, I did manage to change the background for February,
(just in case I don't get to blog next month) 
and thought I could write up a few things that are on my mind while I'm here:

1. Josh just finished applying for colleges. Yay! 
2. MeKenzie is back on the basketball court. GO KENZIE!
3. I'm in Physical Therapy for my shins. 
I never thought I would miss running, but I do. I really do.
4. Tony and I painted our bedroom. It's a happy yellow!
(I am secretly afraid that there is too much yellow in my house now)
5. MeKenzie is talking about being able to drive in 10 months. 
Heaven help me. Another driver in training...
6. Josh quit Hollister so he could take on more hours at his other jobs - 
High School, driving his Mustang, friends and life-guarding. 
In that order.
7. I really want some snow...not during Spring Break, please.
8. I think that Eryn and Andrew are happily married 
because I hardly ever hear from her. 
(check in once in a while, my darling)
9. Alivia broke her elbow and had to wear a cast for 3 weeks.
Now whenever she falls I imagine I hear an alarmingly loud crack.
(I have actually looked around me to see if anyone else heard it too.)
10. I feel like I've frittered away these warm winter days 
by not running outside.
11. The last time I ran it was the only day it really snowed. 
Big, beautiful chunks of pure goodness. It was thrilling. 
I haven't been running, nor has it snowed, since. 
We'll see next time I run.
12. Josh had all four wisdom teeth yanked right out of his precious head.
13. Tony went back to classes. 
Every Monday and Thursday night...
7:00 - 10:00...
14. The next race I want to do is a 10k in Richmond with Josh. 
Cross your fingers for me that I get the go-ahead!
15. There is a really amazing new cupcake store not too far from our house.
Future cupcake trips expected.
16. Alivia is learning how to buckle her own seat-belt.
17. We are tentatively planning a trip to Idaho in August.
No one hold their breath on this update...
Josh may go to SVU after all. Yay!